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Movere, pronounced moh - vair, is derived from the Latin word meaning "to be moved".

This magazine will explore the stories of individuals and organizations championing their passion. Through the features and subtopics, we hope that you will gain a stronger sense of self and embark on a new journey of self-discovery.

Did You Know…May 12 – 18 is National Women’s Health Week

As a woman approaching 30 this year (I’m actually quite excited, I might add), I find myself taking a more active role in my health. Making changes in my diet and exercising regularly are a couple of things I’ve done, and anyone can do, to promote good health. But as women, we must become more […]

Realizing your course and staying on it to completion. Meredith Mobley’s public relations ambitions turned reality

Being an entrepreneur is not for the weak-minded; words of wisdom from public relations guru, Meredith Mobley. And as Meredith also shared, “success leaves clues.” Our conversation with Meredith provided numerous clues, excitements and disappointments, which all led her to where she is today. Her business, Thought Bubble Communications, is only the beginning of the […]

National Tragedies and People of Color, where do we fit in?

My heart broke as I watched scenes of small children running from Sandy Hook Elementary. The idea that a human being can make up in one’s mind to massacre other human beings, let alone children, is a concept that will never make sense. The recent bombings that took place during the Boston marathon are yet […]

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